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Chamburay Pant and Shirt
Work Pant and Shirt
Feet Protection
Yorkshire S1P
Hand protection
Leather Working Gloves
Leather Welding Gloves
PVC Dot Cotton Gloves
Industrial Latex Gloves
Head Protection
Safety-Helmets & Hard hats
Welding Helmets & Handshields
Eye Protection
Chemical splash Goggles
Safety Goggles
Welding Goggles
Hearing Proection
Safety Ear muffs
Disposable Earplugs
Safety Showers
PUSH Lever Operated
PUSH Lever Operated Wall Mounted
PUSH Lever and PULL Rods
Foot Lever & PULL Rods
Portable Eye Wash
Foot Pedal Operated
Respiratory Protection
Half face respirator
Particulate respirator
Filter face mask
Respirator cartridges
Fall Protection
Connectors & Hooks
Full Body Harnes Model
Head Protection
Rope Lanyard & Grab
Energy Absorber
Work Positioning Belts
Anchorage Webbing Sling
Rescue System - Bosuns Chair & Evacuation Triangle
Trafic safety Products
Traffic cone
Warning triangle
Safety Vest
Road Block Lamps
Winter and Rain Clothing
Winter Jacket
Rain Coat

About Us

SYS Trading company is one of the major importers, exporters and stockists of all kinds of safety products, We have a complete range of safety products ex-stock to suit your company requirement, SYS is a one stop shop for all your safety requirements. SYS is also a major supplier of Marine and oil field products. we are dealing almost all the world renown brands.

Hammer-Safety U.K
Hammer-Safety U.K is a leading global supplier of safety products, advanced materials that are consumed in production processes. We provide customers with a broad range of technologically advanced products. Our experts scientists and engineers apply highly complex materials science and mechanical engineering technologies to produce products that have the optimum combination of resistance to heat, impact, corrosion, pressure and wear to excel in your particular application.

Work Coveralls , work Pants and Shirts in 100% cotton and poly cotton.
Hammer Safety U.K is the brand to trust for the quality, Hammer provides the best quality in the world
It is the only brand take care of the safety of the user. Latest technology is been used to perform and execute the results. Hammer Uses swetout technology for the swet absorbent treatment, and 3M scotch guard for stain releas. Hammer Deluxe coveralls are wrinkle free and a VAT dyed product.

You will stay dry cool and comfortable
The Inner layer of the fabric absorbs the moisture in big “chunks” from the skin without holding it.

The special treated fibres(water-repellent) in the middle layer conduct the sweat to the outer layer, that has finer multiple filaments created by a very special touchless brush that uses extremely high air pressure through hundred of nozzles, the incoming moisture then broke in smaller and smaller molecules.

3M Scotchguard, stain release finish (protection). Stain Release Protection
Stains are never in. That's why there's Scotchgard™ Protector. A built-in Scotchgard Protector Stain Release finish helps most stains such as catsup, coffee, juice, soft drinks and other common food stains, wash out during normal laundering, while clothes stay soft, breathable, and natural. It's a promise that's never out of style.
• Helps most stains come out in the wash
• Protection lasts after laundering
• Helps keep clothes looking good longer

Vat dye.
The process "vat dyeing" refers to dyeing in a bucket or vat. It can be performed whenever a solid, even shade over the entire garment is desired. Almost any dye can be used, including fiber reactive dyes, direct dyes, and acid dyes. One alternative to vat dyeing is direct dye application, such as the process used for tie dyeing.
RAE Systems Products in Dubai, UAE
RAE Systems Products in Dubai, UAE

Europa Safety Products - setting the standard in disposable respirators & respiratory equipment Hammer Safety Products in Dubai, UAE

Mono Pole Systems (Pole Climbing System), Lad Safe(Ladder Climbing System) off DBI SALA

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